Operating Temperatures Affect Direct Air Capture of CO2 in Polyamine-Loaded Mesoporous Silica

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December 15, 2021


Direct air capture (DAC) is a representative negative emission technology that plays a critical role in achieving carbon neutrality. Understanding the CO2 capture performance of DAC materials in a real-world environment is important to optimize the performance of DAC processes, unfortunately, little is known about their capture efficiency under varying operating temperatures. To this end, we investigated the influence of operating temperatures on the DAC performance of the polyamine-loaded mesoporous silica. We revealed that the CO2 adsorption selectivity of polyethylenimine-loaded mesoporous silica decreases with reduced adsorption temperatures below 15 ℃. We also parametrically studied the adsorption kinetics, long-term stability, and optimal desorption temperatures ranging from 90 to 120 ℃. Our finding shows that a polyamine loading of 50 wt% in tetraethylenepentamine-loaded mesoporous silica exhibits an outstanding capture capacity of 2.30 mmol CO2/g in a wide range of adsorption temperatures under simulated air. Furthermore, we also demonstrated that the Avrami model could provide a robust prediction for the adsorption and desorption kinetics of polyamine-loaded mesoporous silica even at low temperatures.

Link to the full paper here.

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